Côte d’Azur

A BRIEF HISTORY.  The year was 2006, the place was my shitty apartment in Madison, Wisconsin. I was a broke college student enjoying my usual dinner of Cup Noodles and vodka, when pictures of Diddy’s White Party in Saint-Tropez surfaced on Perez Hilton. It was at that moment, I vowed that one day when I wasn’t broke, I too would vacation in Saint-Tropez like Puff. About a decade later, I was in that bish.

Hotel du Cap Eden Roc

Côte d’Azur is French for about dat life*.

The South of France was first hyped by the literati and artists like Matisse and Chagall, before it became an international playground for the très riche and #blessed. Henri Matisse was probably a hipster about it like “I was there first“.


Now every May, the glitterati instinctively flock to the Côte d’Azur like the salmon of Capistrano. I’m talking about a little event called the Cannes Film Festival. 


Models, bottles, super-cars, mega-yachts, and choppers – gazillionaires be like…


and I’m just over here like…I’ll take two commercial flights and a train. 


Not everything is insanely expensive and extravagant AF, but is it wrong if it is?

slim aarons eden roc

I love the South of France and I want everyone to know – here’s my guide:

Head to the beaches Henri Matisse famously instagrammed painted, guzzle magnums of rosé (the French turn up), feast on Michelin-starred cuisine, play a pickup game of pétanque with locals, swim, sun your buns, chill out and take it all in.

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Itinerary: Antibes, Cannes, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, Èze, Monaco for the Grand Prix, and Saint-Tropez (home of this KWEEN)…


@camiwould stay.

@camiwould eat/drink. 

  • Eden Roc Grill (Antibes)
  • Le Moulin de Mougins (Cannes)
  • Jean-Luc Pelé (Cannes)
  • Crêperie Grand Marnier (Saint-Tropez)
  • Le Club 55 (Saint-Tropez). I had a rosé-fueled lunch, laid out, shopped and spotted Jane Fonda doing the same. Crudité is all the rage here, but I’m not sure why you would waste precious digestive real estate on raw vegetables, so I had real food and it was real good.
  • Sénéquier (Saint-Tropez). I ran into Karl Lagerfeld at Sénéquier, died, went to heaven, came back to life, and stalked his chic ass until he drove away in a Rolls Royce that matched his attire. Meanwhile back in reality, my husband was perplexed by who the “George Washington lookalike” was. Karl Lagerfeld – the inventor of fashion and resting bitch face. Duh. 


@camiwould pack.


My husband & I had a bucket list moment at the Monaco Grand Prix. We posted up in Casino Square and watched the cars fly around the corner before heading downhill to Mirabeau. It was pretty insane to watch IRL.

Monaco Grand Prixe

Hotel de Paris


Definitely one of my favorite trips. Someone is still salty he had to sit this one out…


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